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The Job

Features related to working in South Korea

Hagwon Life

The plane touched down at Incheon Airport on a Friday afternoon in early autumn. I made my way through the sparkling and unfamiliar airport to immigration and then customs where I was greeted by a middle-aged Korean man, my cab driver, holding a placard with my name on it; he assisted me in dragging my possessions to his car. Read more  »

In Defense of Hagwons

It’s commonly discussed among expats here that the Korean ESL industry has been on the decline for several years and doesn’t exactly look to bounce back any time soon.  Read more  »

Expat Life

Features related to life for expats in South Korea

Best Places to Take a Date in Seoul

Seoul is a busy, crowded mega city, but there are still plenty of places to enjoy romance. Most neighborhoods in Seoul have plenty of great restaurants and cozy cafes to enjoy with your companion, but there are so many other ways to enjoy dating in Korea’s capital. Read more  »

How to Study Korean

Whether you are planning to teach in Korea for one year or whether you plan to live in Korea long-term, learning the Korean language can definitely add to your experience. Read more  »

Best Places for Street Food in Seoul

There’s nothing as irresistible as the siren call of street food. All my meticulous diet plans fly out the window and my wallet magically empties out its spare change whenever I pass by the latest street vendor to set up shop in my neighbourhood. Read more  »

Race Season in Korea

As winter’s icy chill surrenders to spring’s verdant buds, those of us that fancy a jog are afforded the opportunity to stretch our legs and put our winter training to the test. Read more  »

Nuts and Bolts

Features related to the nuts and bolts of South Korea

Little Korean Oddities

Before I moved to Korea in 2011 I was really prepared and careful.  I researched my job/recruiter and the country pretty well, I got into a little K-pop, and went to Korean language classes at the Korean Cultural Center downtown.  Read more  »

Being Plus Sized in Korea

“Ah-gi? Ah-gi? –baby?!” the ajumma questioned me, pointing sharply at my stomach. Instinctively, I sucked in and hoped my flushed face of embarrassment would ward off her repeated inquiry. Read more  »

Sojourn Reviews

Sojourn reviews of South Korea

First Impressions of Seoul

Arriving in the Asian megacity for the first time…

My first impression of Seoul, other than the lengthy queue at border control, was getting the airport limousine from Incheon airport on a humid day. Read more  »