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5 Simple Steps to Language Learning in China

When I announced that I was going to China to teach, all of my friends and family had the same question: “Are you learning Chinese before you go?” They assumed that teaching English would be like teaching Spanish or French in a western school—there is much more of the student’s first language in the classroom than the second language. Read more  »

Dating in China: What to Know

Before moving to a new country, it’s always helpful to know what the talent’s like. Even if you’re dead set on going traveling to “get to know yourself” or “spend time alone”, that will fade, hormones will prevail and you’ll soon be sniffing around the nearest noodle shop with a half decent looking waiter. Read more  »

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How to Handle Celebrity Status in China

When you’re a foreign teacher in China, celebrity status is almost a guarantee. I knew, before I came, that blending into the crowds of the small town in the middle of China wasn’t going to be an option since I’m unmistakably American. Read more  »

5 Ways to Fight Smog In China

One of the most difficult parts of living in China is the smog. I’m sure most people are aware of how bad the smog can be from seeing news reports and pictures, and it honestly should be a consideration when making the choice to teach or live in China. Read more  »

LGBTQ Issues in China

When one thinks about places in the world that are current with LGBTQ issues, places like the US and Canada are sure to top people’s lists, as well as places in western Europe which have legalized gay marriage long before the US did. Read more  »

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My First 24 Hours in Beijing

Ideally the first twenty four hours abroad should be easy. In a perfect world, you would be picked up at the airport by a friendly staffer from you school, they would take you directly to your new apartment, which would already be fully furnished with excellent wifi. Read more  »