Best Places to Take a Date in Seoul

Seoul is a busy, crowded mega city, but there are still plenty of places to enjoy romance. Most neighborhoods in Seoul have plenty of great restaurants and cozy cafes to enjoy with your companion, but there are so many other ways to enjoy dating in Korea’s capital.

The Han River is a great place for dating in Seoul. It is a huge river that cuts through the heart of Seoul, and it provides residents of Seoul with an escape from the stresses of modern city life. Whether you want to go on a date by the Han River during the day or night, you will have plenty of options.

Riding bicklyes is a really popular activity to do by the Han River. If you go to the Han River in Yeouido you can rent bikes by the hour. They even have two-seaters if you want to ride together with your date. You can ride along the river at a leisurely pace, with Namsan Tower on one side and the 63 Building on the other side. If you want to give this date a modern twist, you can rent segways near Yeoido station and ride them along the river. It depends on how adventurous you want to be. After your bicycle ride, you can jump on a river cruise. There are several types of cruises available, including a buffet cruise and a musical performance cruise. Seagulls usually fly close to the boats and eat the snacks that the passengers throw to them. It’s a fun experience. Further down along the Han River you will find Banpo bridge. This bridge is famous in Korea because it has a light show at night, with water coming out of the bridge like a fountain. You and your date can sit by the river and enjoy the light show, and if you get hungry you can order chicken and beer.

The Banpo Bridge in Seoul.

There is a huge Café culture in Korea. People go to cafes to study, hang out with friends, play phone games, but also to date. There are some really interesting cafes in Seoul that you can try out, if you are brave enough. You might already know that dog cafes and cat cafes are really popular in Korea. You can ask your date in advance whether they are a cat person or a dog person, and you can plan your date from there. Entrance into these cafes is free, but you have to buy a drink. The price of coffee in one of these cafes is much more expensive than a normal café, because the money is used to take care of the animals. For example, in a normal café you might pay 4,000 won for an Americano, but in a dog café you might pay 7,500 won. These days there are even more unusual cafes popping up. Have you ever heard of a raccoon café? Yes, it is a café with raccoons inside. You can play with the raccoons and feed them snacks.  Your date will either be thrilled or terrified by this experience, so think carefully before you make your plan. If you want to stay away from animals, you can also enjoy a board game café, a hammock café, a comic café (though all the comics will be in Korean) and you can even try a massage café. In a healing café, you pay about 15,000 won to sit in an electric massage chair for fifty minutes. It might not be very romantic, but it will certainly keep you and your date relaxed.

There are also plenty of options for those who want to do something active with their date. In Myeongdong, there is a place called the Dynamic Maze. It’s like a fun obstacle course for adults. There are about a dozen zones that you and your partner have to get through. You have to work together with your partner to solve puzzles, climb up things and wriggle through things. It’s a little too easy, but it is fun and it would be a great first date to break the ice. The ticket also includes entrance into an eye-trick museum, so you can take some amazing pictures with your new partner. Escape rooms are also becoming really popular in Korea these days, but before you pick this as a perfect place for a date, you should check whether the escape room course is in English or Korean. If you can’t even understand the clues, you definitely won’t escape.

The Dynamic Maze makes for a fun and silly date night.

If you have some money to spare for your date, perhaps you can take in a show. There are two shows in Seoul that transcend language and cultures – Nanta and SJ B-Boy. Nanta is a non-verbal performance based on rhythm, and it is set in a kitchen so there are plenty of cooking utensils flying around the stage. SJ B-Boy is a dance performance, as the names suggests. Both Nanta and SJ B-Boy have their own theatres so Nanta holds shows every day of the week and SJ B-Boy holds shows every day except for Monday. This means that it should be quite easy to get tickets for you and your date.

Seoul is such a fun city to live in, so with a little bit of research and effort you can find some really fun things to do with your date every weekend.