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After studying literature and TESOL in college, Sophie moved to China and has spent the last two years teaching, traveling, and learning about the culture. She currently teaches conversational English to university students. In her free time, Sophie can be found drinking coffee and trying to communicate in a mix of very basic Mandarin and lots of sign language.

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How to Handle Celebrity Status in China

When you’re a foreign teacher in China, celebrity status is almost a guarantee. I knew, before I came, that blending into the crowds of the small town in the middle of China wasn’t going to be an option since I’m unmistakably American. Read more  »

5 Simple Steps to Language Learning in China

When I announced that I was going to China to teach, all of my friends and family had the same question: “Are you learning Chinese before you go?” They assumed that teaching English would be like teaching Spanish or French in a western school—there is much more of the student’s first language in the classroom than the second language. Read more  »