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I was born in Cleveland, Ohio to a family which immigrated from Poland and Ukraine. After graduating from Miami University, I worked on the American Stock Exchange in NYC. After experiencing disaster during the 9-11 tragedy, I moved on to teaching. My first teaching job was working with Romanian immigrants in Cleveland, Ohio, and I got my first job teaching abroad at the Nicholas Copernicus University in Torun, Poland. After Poland I taught Business English in Moscow, Russia. Following Moscow I spent some time in Baku, Azerbaijan and Seoul, South Korea before returning to Russia and settling to teach in Kazan. I now reside in Kyiv. Along the way I have published four books and had photo exhibitions in Kazan and Odessa and enjoyed two writing sabbaticals in Istanbul.

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10 Things You Must Do While Teaching Abroad

There are many ways you can treat your precious days teaching English abroad. You can have a bit of a laugh, pound endless pints at the local expat pub, or simply fill your social media with a dazzling array of spectacular or sloppy photos intended to make your cubicle-bound friends back home jealous. Read more  »

5 Reasons You Should Teach in Poland

Poland is usually on the shortlist for most teachers hoping to work in Europe these days. There are innumerable reasons to live and work in Poland, from an interesting and turbulent history to rich cuisine and endless festivals, but let’s have a look at  some of the key practical issues which will effect your potential stay in the Republic of Poland. Read more  »