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David Gallagher is an English teacher in South Korea. He moved to Korea in 2011 to teach English, and he liked the country and the job so much that he has stayed there ever since. David has worked in several cities in Korea, including Seoul, Pyeongcheon, and Gwangmyeong. He is currently living in Cheonan. David majored in English Literature and Philosophy, and he is currently doing an M.A. in Gaelic Literature. David enjoys reading and studying Korean in his free time. 

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Best Places to Take a Date in Seoul

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How to Study Korean

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How to Save Time and Money Your First Few Months in Korea

For many people who come to teach in Korea, the first month can be financially difficult. From the time you arrive until the day you receive your first salary, you will probably need to buy stuff for your new apartment, feed yourself, entertain yourself, pay for transport, and hopefully socialize too. Read more  »

Choosing a Hagwon Job in Korea

Whether you have experience teaching in Korea or not, you should do due diligence before accepting any hagwon job.  There are endless horror stories about crazy hagwon directors and terrible working conditions. Read more  »